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I wanted to express my gratitude to for designing, building, and hosting our website for about 10 years.
We were briefly hosted by, with our database parked at Neither provided any real support, which is to be expected - both are free services.
We are now hosted by, a British concern. They are providing web hosting, database hosting, and support - all for free! You'll notice their logo on our splash page.

Thanks to Gillian Hughes-Fenchel (my daughter) and Ryan Hughes-Fenchel (my son) for their help with adding functionality and their continued support.

Thanks to the volunteers who make our existence possible.

Thanks to the adopters who take in someone else's garbage and make it a wonderful friend.

And ... apologies to those folks who have come to us for a dog but didn't get one. We undoubtedly make mistakes in our placements. We work with very limited resources and make our best guess ... please remember that, as wonderful as Sammies are, there are LOTS of other dogs available at municipal shelters. We get most of our sammies from muni shelters. PROVE US WRONG! Get a dog from a muni shelter and make him a loving family member.

Gary skijoring with a collie and a sammie  Here I am skijoring with my collie Suki, who thought she was a sled dog, and my first Samoyed Zephyr.